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Paul R. LaBrie    
President, Pro American Roof & Siding inc




An accomplished businessman, entrepreneur and home improvement specialist, Paul LaBrie has been working in the home improvement industry since the age of 14. He apprenticed weekends and summer vacations a second generation roofing, siding and window company in Connecticut, while earning an advanced dual diploma in mechanical drafting and tool and die making.

Mr. LaBrie relocated to Richmond, VA., in 1982. Within months he launched American Siding Inc., after seeing the need for the type of precision metal craftsmanship that he was trained to do in the northeast. In 1986 he added windows, roofing and decks and soon was recognized as an expert in his field.


What sets him apart is craftsmanship. The actual bending and how many bends are applied, the actual application, and the highest quality of the products he utilizes in particular. In addition Pro American utilizes more than 3x the amount of silicone than anyone else in the area.

Although it is nothing you can see, it is the sealant which ensures waterproofing and therefore stopping leaks. For over 29 years, Paul has enjoyed referrals from satisfied clients and word of mouth.

All of Mr. LaBrie’s workers are handpicked and personally trained in the precise bending of the metal which is what gives a home’s roof, siding and window application its lifetime strength. He maintains the highest quality/work ethic and accuracy, which is paramount to the lifetime aspect of durability.

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