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High tech.
High design.
High five.

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Technology is Beautiful

Introducing the world's most innovative siding product, Celect Cellular Exteriors, a whole home exterior solution every bit of which is engineered as well as the unique seam system.

Celect Cellular Exteriors is today's, and tomorrow's, intelligent design solution to several major problems that have plagued homeowners for decades.

Celect is a 100% recyclable, dimensionally stable siding made entirely from cellular materials that faithfully emulates the appearance of wood.

Add an innovative inter-locking seam system that allows seams to virtually disappear from view while more importantly preventing air and moisture penetration, keeping your home safe from mold and mildew.

Take a look. You'll see that Celect solves several problems at one stroke.


Celect gives homeowners a third choice, priced between wood siding and fiber cement. But it also helps pay for itself over the life of the home by relieving you of the cost and trouble of periodic repainting and constant upkeep. Celect is not susceptible to freeze/thaw conditions. Nor is it vulnerable to mold, mildew or rot. Celect does not attract insects.

What’s more, Celect is easy to clean. The patent pending seam system allows for engineered expansion and contraction, avoiding the problems of “oilcanning” and buckling. Celect also has a Kynar Aquatec® factory finish backed by a 25-year finish warranty for moisture-, abuse- and UV-resistance. Because Celect is lightweight, easy to fabricate and install, it even means the job is finished faster, reducing labor costs.


Celect Cellular Siding is actually two engineering breakthroughs in one. The beauty of cellular technology + an ingenious solution to the age-old problem of siding seams.  Yes, technology is beautiful.

Every generation has its own answer to the challenge of the home exterior. This time it's Celect.

Why? Simple. Celect siding is made from a recyclable cellular material that is unaffected by moisture and the elements. Royal engineers have developed a siding that is not only dimensionally stable, it faithfully reproduces the deep grain texture of real wood. It also has the solid heft and feel of wood when installed against the side of a home. 

But the real breakthrough is the seam. Instead of butting together, Celect siding has an innovative, patent pending interlocking joint system. Unlike other siding, this seam maintains its integrity. Because the cellular material is unaffected by moisture, the seam doesn’t break down over time. You get the natural, continuous curb appeal you’ve been looking for.

Our unique gravity lock design keeps courses locked tight to each other, while allowing your home to breathe.

The result? Low maintenance. Terrific appearance.

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